As the most heavily used part of the Bank, we’re committed to constantly investing our resources and time to ensure your digital banking will always be an intuitive and modern experience. We’ve partnered with FinTech providers and legacy bank vendors to broker a dynamic user experience across all of our channels. We believe that you should be empowered to bank how you like, it is your money afterall. So if your preference is to do 100% of your banking on the mobile app, we’re happy to offer that experience to you.

With East Cambridge Personal Digital Banking you can:
  • Easily pay bills, transfer money, and deposit checks
  • Create budgets, track spending, and analyze personal cash flow
  • Instantly view account balances and transaction details
  • Set custom alerts related to balances and transactions
  • Mobile debit card controls (Examples: Instantly turn it On/Off or restrict international purchases)
  • Receive text alerts to your cellular phone for potential fraudulent debit card activity
  • Pay with your ECSB Debit Card using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay
Online Banking Demo:
  • Enrolling and using Online Banking is easy
  • Bank anytime, anywhere, and securely
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    Natercia Calisto

    AVP, Business Development Manager
    Broadway Banking Center, Arlington
    NMLS ID: #1058405
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    Jessica Chaves

    Banking Center Operations Officer
    Trapelo Road Banking Center, Belmont
    NMLS ID: #1247315
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    KathyAnn Dottin

    AVP, Business Development Manager
    Salem Street Banking Center, Medford
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    John Kirwan

    AVP, Customer Service - Digital Banking Manager
    Customer Service Center
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    Richard Murray

    Business Development Manager
    West Medford Banking Center, Medford
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    Fiona Nattabi

    AVP, Business Development Manager
    Malden Banking Center, Malden
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    Bryant Nestico

    AVP, Business Development Manager
    Main Office, Cambridge
    NMLS ID: #1219892
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    Suraj Rajbanshi

    Assistant Service Manager
    Highland Avenue Banking Center, Somerville
    NMLS ID: #928565
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    Madhu S. Satyal

    Business Development Manager
    West Medford Banking Center, Medford
    NMLS ID: #829483
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    Susan Shaw

    Business Development Manager
    Woburn Banking Center, Woburn
    NMLS ID: #751319
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    Amal Taouri

    Business Development Manager
    Inman Square Banking Center, Cambridge
    NMLS ID: #1031097
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    Sandy Youssef

    Business Development Manager
    Chelsea Banking Center, Chelsea
    NMLS ID: #1827521
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