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Since 1854, East Cambridge Savings Bank has met the needs of local residents, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We are a mutual bank and put the financial well-being of our customers and communities at the center of everything we do. All of us at East Cambridge Savings Bank are looking forward to serving you and offering you an expanded branch network, the latest digital banking services, and convenient products and solutions to meet your daily banking needs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find some answers to commonly asked questions. If at any time you would like more information, please contact us at 1.866.354.ECSB (3272).

Both banks operate with a similar business model, offering compatible products and services. Our organizations have similar corporate cultures, and we credit our success to the confidence and trust of the customers we have served. By merging our two institutions, we will provide expanded access to more retail banking locations, enhanced products and services, and a broader range of credit options for our customers and the communities served by both banks.
Upon completion of the merger, Patriot Community Bank will become East Cambridge Savings Bank.
The Patriot Community Bank office, located at 237 Lexington Street, Woburn, will operate as a Banking Center of East Cambridge Savings Bank. Patriot Community Bank employees will join East Cambridge Savings Bank. John O’Donnell, current President and CEO of Patriot Community Bank will join East Cambridge Savings Bank as Executive Vice President and as a member of the Bank’s lending team, and will continue to be available at the Woburn Banking Center.
Some changes may be made when Patriot Community Bank accounts are eventually converted to East Cambridge Savings Bank, but we’re confident that all accounts will have the best features of both banks. In the coming months, there will be ongoing customer communication that will outline what, if any, changes to expect.
The objective is for this merger to be transparent to our customers. Through the merger, we expect to bring expanded banking services and conveniences to consumers and small businesses while maintaining the same staff and the same location that you have relied upon for your banking needs.

You will receive additional updates from East Cambridge Savings Bank after the merger. Updates will be posted on ecsb.com as well.
The merger is expected to occur effective August 1, 2022.
Yes, once the merger is completed, Patriot Community Bank customers will immediately be able to use our Banking Centers in Arlington, both Medford locations, Waltham, and our Main Office in Cambridge. East Cambridge Savings Bank customers can also use the Patriot Branch Banking Center in Woburn for their transactions (see ecsb.com for exact locations).
Once the merger is complete, for most in person deposits, funds will be available on the same day. Currently, Patriot Community Bank customers have access to funds on the second business day.
Once the merger is completed, Patriot Community Bank customers will be able to use any of the 16 East Cambridge Savings Bank ATMs and ITMs. ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines) allow you to interact directly with customer service personnel. See ecsb.com/locations for a listing of locations.
Your deposits will continue to be insured by the FDIC. Deposits in excess of FDIC limits will be covered by The Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). In other words, all deposits will be fully insured by a combination of FDIC and DIF coverage.
Yes, your current supply of Patriot Community Bank checks and deposit tickets will continue to be honored after the merger. You will receive additional information later in the year.
Yes, please continue to use your Patriot Community Bank Visa® Check Card until you receive your new East Cambridge Debit Mastercard® debit card with the East Cambridge Savings Bank logo. Your new East Cambridge Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® will have a different card number and new expiration date.
Nothing. You will still be able to use your Patriot Community Bank Passbook, Certificate of Deposit (CD) and IRA accounts. Your Passbook will be replaced upon your next visit to a Banking Center after August 1, 2022. You will receive additional information later in the year.
No. If you have direct deposit, these deposits will continue without interruption.
No. If you have automatic deductions from your checking account, such as a gym membership, mortgage or insurance payment, these transactions will continue to be deducted from your Patriot Community Bank checking account without interruption. If you currently have automatic deductions set up on your Patriot Community Bank Debit Card, you will need to provide your new card number to the merchant once your new East Cambridge Savings Bank Mastercard® Debit Card arrives.
Yes, as a customer of ECSB, you will have access to all of our personal, business, and financial planning and investment services. However, you will continue to access your Patriot Community Bank accounts using your current online banking user name and password. Sign in at the top of this page. Any new ECSB accounts you open will be accessed through ECSB Online Banking. The two online banking systems will be merged later in the year.
Effective August 1, 2022, the current Patriot Community Bank website will be re-directed to East Cambridge Savings Bank’s website, ecsb.com. On the homepage, there will be a “Welcome Aboard” web slider that you can click to access your Online Banking and to find out more information about the merger. If you have the current Patriot Community Bank website marked in your favorites, you may want to change it to East Cambridge Savings Bank’s website.
Yes, your Patriot Community Bank Online Banking service will not immediately transfer to East Cambridge Savings Bank Online Banking. You will access your Online Banking service through East Cambridge Savings Bank’s website (ecsb.com > Welcome Aboard > Online Banking Login). If you have any questions please call 1.866.354.ECSB (3272). You may wish to bookmark ecsb.com/welcomeaboard for easier online banking access.
Contact information and the look of your monthly bank statement will change. Effective August 1, 2022, it will be coming from East Cambridge Savings Bank.
Yes, please continue to use your Patriot Community Bank Connect24 24-hour telephone banking services by calling 1.866.695.4390. Use a touch-tone telephone anywhere to check your balances, account transactions, transfer funds, make a payment, report a lost or stolen card, or get information You will receive additional information later in the year regarding 24 hour telephone banking.
Recently, you were sent a “NOTICE OF SERVICING TRANSFER” which provided you with the mailing instructions upon the transfer of servicing from your current servicer, Patriot Community Bank, to your new servicer, East Cambridge Savings Bank. Please call 1.866.354.ECSB (3272) with any questions.
The information on your loan bill will remain the same. Effective August 1, 2022, it will be coming from East Cambridge Savings Bank.
Please call East Cambridge Savings Bank’s Customer Service Center at 1.866.354.ECSB (3272).