Homeowner Options for Mass Elders

Homeowner Options for Mass Elders

Homeowner Options for Mass Elders (HOME):
ECSB is a member of and participates in HOME, assisting income qualified senior citizen homeowners successfully age in place. HOME provides the only statewide in-home counseling services of its kind supporting senior citizens with:
  • A way to pay for:
    • Property and mortgage arrearages and overwhelming consumer debt
    • Health needs and/or home health care
    • Home repairs and/or adaptations
    • Monthly income supplements, etc.
  • The opportunity to stay in their own home and retain independence
  • Ability to acquire critically needed services and resources to extend home tenure
  • Maximum consumer protection and preservation of home equity for future contingencies
  • Long-term monitoring
  • In-home counseling across a broad spectrum of concerns and various resource options, including:
    • Health and in-home care
    • Income supplements
    • Home repairs
    • Debt management
    • Budgeting
    • Long-term financial and remainder-of-life planning
  • Specialized intervention counseling and advocacy regarding:
    • Foreclosure prevention and premature displacement threats due to overwhelming health and housing code problems
    • Property tax and water liens
    • Excessive consumer debt, mortgage and refinance difficulties
    • Elder Economic Literacy Project
      • Education programming for both elderly consumers and elder/housing service agency personnel and various involved professionals to facilitate elder referrals in a timely manner
To learn more about HOME, click here or contact one of our local lenders.

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