April 04, 2019

Board of Trustees photo - Annual Meeting 2018 1854 Bancorp and East Cambridge Savings Bank recently held their annual meetings. Every March, the Board, Trustees, and Corporators for both entities meet for an update from the President and Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chairman of the Board. The annual meeting is a tradition that traces its roots to the Bank’s founding and is a chance for senior management, board members, and corporators to gather for a financial overview and learn about the prior year's accomplishments. To read the full 2018 Annual Report, click here.

Additionally, elections are held to name new members to the board and senior management positions. At the 2018 annual meeting, the following election took place: 

1854 Bancorp:
  • Elected to Trustee: Edward O. Owens, Jr.
  • Elected to Corporator: Dana C. Rutherford
East Cambridge Savings Bank:
  • Elected to Director: Edward O. Owens, Jr.
  • Elected to Executive Vice President:
    • Timothy E. Bombard, Chief Lending Officer
    • Salwa B. Kaldas, Chief Financial Officer
    • Gisela L. Margotta, Chief Risk Officer
  • Elected to Senior Vice President:
    • Deborah A. Dobbins, Commercial Lending Officer
    • Stephen E. Ferullo, Commercial Lending Officer
    • Kavitha Venkatakrishnan, Commercial Lending Manager
  • Elected to Vice President:
    • Barry M. Aldorisio, Sales Manager, Residential Lending
    • Lynn M. Wahlquist, Commercial Lending Officer