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Cash Management

Manage your cash flow simply and efficiently. We offer a full range of innovative cash management products and services to meet all of our customers' needs. Whether you're looking to streamline accounting functions or increase cash flow, let us help.



Online Banking with Bill PayReceivables Management
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Online Banking with Bill Pay allows you to conveniently manage your working capital and your accounts.



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Our suite of receivables solutions let you collect more quickly, so you maximize your cash flow.



Payables Management

Account Services
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Our payable methods allows you to manage your funds effectively so you can make the most of your cash flow.



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Let us work with you or your accounting team to make your banking easier and more effective.




Merchant Services

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East Cambridge Savings Bank provides you with payment-processing solutions for virtually any type of payment.





While  technology plays a greater role in the way we all bank, there are still few modern marvels more impressive than a friendly, well trained employee. So if you have specific questions, send an email to



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